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Hi! My name is Elena and My Adventures in Munich was born in 2011 when I moved to Munich following the relocation of my German husband. One of the first things I did in Munich was to buy Lola (my first bike) and soon right after I started blogging about my adventures living, studying and working in Munich.

I have been an expat for over 16 years. My first time was after graduating: I relocated to Belgium to start my career in marketing. Since that day I have lived/worked in a number of countries for the coolest jobs ever! including the Australian Government in Europe and for the most innovative start-ups in Silicon Valley. 

In 2011 when I started blogging I was one of the very few expats writing in English about the expat life in Munich. A few months later the Blog became so popular that had record  numbers, was featured in InterNations and got nominated during the Munich Web Week Isarnetz as the Best Munich Blog.

Today it is one of the most influential blogs about the expat life in Munich. You can read about the Blog in the National German Newspapers:

The Blog in Die Zeit
The Blog in Die Welt
Interview in Internations

In 2013 I relocated to Silicon Valley where I had the chance to work with the most exciting start-ups (check my Blog in the US). 

In 2015 I came back to Germany, started working for a big telco corporation in Munich and resumed blogging about my adventures living and working as an expat in Munich.

In 2019 I rebranded the blog so it is now a place for expats with children in Munich. I am a twin mum, I have a boy and a girl. Being a mum changes how you experience Munich and what you need from the city. Being a mum, a twin mum in Munich is both
 wonderful and challenging, but so it is being an expat in Munich. In this blog, you can read about how I navigate both.

If you want to know more about me follow me on Instagram: @e_obiols


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  2. Hola Elena! So happy to run into your blog! Tendras un correo donde te pueda escribir? Me mudo a Munich este verano y queria preguntarte unas cosillas.
    Mil gracias!!


  3. Hola Silvana, gracias y encantada! puedes escribirme a myadventuresinmunich (at) gmail. com

  4. Hi there. I'm M. I love your blog. I run into it when i was fishing info on Munich. We're moving our family there from GR in the summer and i had some questions. we have three children who have been taking piano and balette for several years now. i don't know German well so it's difficult for me to look into the options they may have. are there music schools they can attend in the afternoon? how does the system work there with afterschool activities in music, dance, sports, the arts etc. i would appreciate any info and links you might come accross. thank you for your time. Guten Tag!

  5. Hello M. Thanks for your feedback and your comment. I am always happy to know that the Blog is useful for those of you planning the move to Munich. I cannot answer all your questions here, so could you pls send me an email
    and I'll send you some info and links that might be able to help you.
    Have a great day!

  6. Hey Elena!

    My name is Naina and I've visited many times before (my boyfriend is German and we've been together for 6 years, long distance for 4) and I'm finally here for (hopefully) a long time to do my Masters. I absolutely love this city and love finding blogs that highlight all the wonders it has to offer. Thanks for all your info!


  7. Dear Elena,

    Thank you for useful information and fantastic tips about life in Munich!
    We are moving in September and we will definitely need all of them :)

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Milica, I am always happy to help.
      Have a great day!

  8. Visiting for 2 weeks and your blog could not be MORE helpfull! Thanks for everything!!

  9. Hi Elena! I love your blog:D
    Since i am new in town and looking for some information about learning german in Munich. And your advices are really useful and easy to understand!! I like the way your write the article.
    I will keep looking at your blog. Very nice blog!

    1. Thank you! I'm very happy to know that my experience is helpful!
      Have a great day!

  10. Hola Elena!! I love your blog y me siento tan identificada contigo y con todo lo que leo! I also moved to Munich and started a blog, maybe you like it :)

    big kiss and keep up the good job!

  11. Hey - do you have a twitter account so I can follow you? I'm really enjoying reading your adventures - I'm doing the same in Berlin and your blog is making me laugh out loud :)

  12. Hi Vanessa, yes we have one: @Blog_Munich. I'm very happy to know that you enjoy my adventures in Munich, I wish you a great time in Berlin and I'll make sure I keep an eye on your Blog, it looks great!
    Have a great day!

  13. Hello Elena, I'm writing an article on Munich for a UK magazine and would love to feature the blog in it. Can you contact me so I can ask you just a couple of questions? Thank you

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  15. Hola Elena!
    Genial tu blog!
    Estoy buscando datos sobre Munich y me viene de 10 toda la info!
    Muchas gracias!

  16. Hi Elena...
    your blog is just awesum... I might be moving to Munich in a month or two and your exps hav given me a decent idea of what I am getting into... and that too in English.... Amazing !! keep up d gud wrk.
    Cheers mate :)

  17. Hi Elena, iam very happy to find your blog its soo usefull ,could i send you some questions please?desprate for your help. Mey Jaber

  18. Hi Elena,

    your blog is really nice, and contains a well of information. I am particularly surprised, yet amused by your light hearted approach to the difficulty in achieving fluency with the German language (I am definitely picking up the Mark Twain book). I am currently in level A1 and have that same level of optimism that in a few months I can converse...it probably still is true, yet aiming for fluency does take time...realistically speaking.

    I wanted to ask you about finding jobs in Munich as an English speaker, which would explain my eagerness to speak German....as I noticed it is a crucial prerequisites for jobs here. I am trying to look through the blog to see if you have talked about this topic at all.

    It would be nice to hear your side of the story/adventure for sure :)

    Kind Wishes,

    New in Munich

  19. My name is Maria and I just moved into the city. I have to say thanks because your site is the reason why I was FINALLY able to find my new place to live! :-)

    My search for a place was actually a really stressful experience and a pain, that’s why I’m writing to let you know that I wanted to recommend that you extend your list.The ones that helped the most were:


    have a great day