Sales in Munich

January 2013 is almost gone and here we are: we survived the holidays, the Christmas fat and the new resolutions... what is it that we all do in January aside from starting a new diet/joining a gym/giving up some addiction (coffee, smoke, sugar)/learning a new language or looking for a new job?

What we all do is... going shopping... why?...

******* because there are sales!!!!*******

Sales in Galeria Kaufhof in Munich
If you work in marketing you understand that the expressions "reduced price", "discount" or "sales" attract consumers no matter what. And this is what this blog entry is about today: Sales in Munich.

In October 2012 I read a couple of articles about the positive shopping mood of the Germans and that despite the Euro crisis, they were expected to spend 285 in average in Christmas presents (this is 24 more than in 2011).

These articles about the German ”Kauflaune” (shopping mood) came after Gfk (a well-known market research company based in Nurnberg) made public that the monthly German consumption environment index (in 2011) was the highest since 2007.

However and contrary to what I have seen in 2012 during Christmas (shops bursting with customers and long queues in every cash point), the retailers in Germany have not closed the year with the expected increase in sales... typical...they wanted to sell more... of course...

Sales in Ludwig-Weg Munich

Maybe the “Winterschlussverkauf” (winter sale) will help to raise the index and the  retailer's expectations.

Do you know when the sales start in Munich?

Since the 50’s the seasonal sales had been regulated in Germany by law and so they had always been in winter (end of January) and in summer (end of July). However in 2004 the “Gesetz gegen unlauteren Wettbewerb” = the German law regulating unfair trade practices, changed and so it eliminated the limitation of only two seasonal sales periods. (good news!!!)

Since then each individual shop can organize a sales period at its own discretion. However most of the stores follow the old rules.

And so these days the German shops still have something similar like the “Winterschlussverkauf” in January and the “Sommerschlussverkauf” in July/August.
And also have other sales periods during the year: in November, in March… but you need to check that on site.

Last week I read a very interesting article in Die Welt about the “Sch├Ąppchenkalender” (a calendar with monthly bargains), which is a calendar that informs on what goods to buy and when to buy them cheaper:

  •       Sparkling wine and Christmas sweets in January;
  •       Garden or bike accessories in February (before the spring time);
  •       Summer holidays in March;
  •       Christmas decorations in September and
  •       School material and rucksacks in October.
Sales can also be just an excuse to go out to discover the city of Munich (with friends or family). You do not need to spend money, if you do not want to, but it is always nice to go out and check the shoes, coats, winter hats and pullovers that are on sale... 

You always are going to need something: from socks, bed sheets to sport equipment... so keep in mind that: Sales are going to happen... with or without you... so try to plan what is it that you really need and make the most of them. 

I have never been to Ingolstadt in Munich, have you? should I go? is it worth it?

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  1. Hi, there are sales in the local shops in Munich almost every week... You need to be here to notice/benefit from them...
    Also online there are good discounts...

  2. This article is excellent! contrary to "anonymous" in front of me, I haven't come across ANY local shops that run sales every week! As most people know, THE ("the") sales are always in january and june in Europe!