Germany knows good food

Who said that Germans did not know how to cook?

They do and some of them are worldwide famous chefs with a strong influence in these days‘cooking culture.

The first time I heard of Alfons Schuhbeck he was advertising a new hamburger for one of those largest American fast food giants in television. Then I did not think that he could offer much in terms of cooking inspiration, but I learnt that he is considered one of the most relevant chefs in Bayern so I decided to give him a chance.

In the 80´s his career kicked off after becoming the head chef in a popular restaurant (Kurhausstüberl ) frequented by the high society of Munich after receiving a Michelin star. Nowadays Schuhbeck is everywhere in Munich: in the heart of the old city, a few steps away from the world famous Münchner Hofbräuhaus, Schuhbeck owns a cooking school, two restaurants and four delicatessen stores. 

The restaurants: der Südtirolen Stube and das Orlando Haus are both fine restaurants specializing in traditional German cuisine. He also has an ice-cream parlor and café, a tee shop, a spices shop and a chocolate shop. His cooking school offers courses on traditional Bayern recipes, Italian cuisine, wine seminars, etc. 

The man has also a relevant presence in different cooking shows in the German television, such as “Lanz kocht” (Lanz cooks) and “die Küchenschlacht” (the kitchen battle).

However, Schuhbeck is not the only German chef that enjoys of international exposure and is loved by the Germans. For this post, I am following the suggestions of the Michelin Guide and I am listing below a few of the many (and they have many) three-star chefs that Germany has produced in the recent years. 

Heinz Winkler is a German Italian chef, known for being the youngest German chef in receiving the three stars. In 1989 he bought a medieval building in Aschau im Chimegau (located in southeast Bayern and known as a ski resort in winter and due to its 13th century castle Hohenaschau). Winkler converted the building in a luxurious hotel called “Residenz” and he is devoted to French cuisine everyday in the hotel´s restaurant. 

Sven Elverfeld, born in the Grimm Brothers´ city of Hanau, replaced Winkler in 2009 in the top ranking of German chefs published by the Michelin Guide. Nowadays Elverfeld cooks (again) French cuisine in the three-star restaurant Aqua in the Ritz Carlton in Wolfsburg (north Germany, where the HQ of Volkswagen is located).

The Hotel Bareiss is a luxurious holiday resort located in the beautiful Black Forest (southwest of Germany). Its restaurant received the three stars in 2008 thanks to its renowned Chef Claus-Peter Lumpp, who (again) offers a delicious French-style menu.

Joachim Wissler is head chef in Vendome, the main restaurant of the Bensberg Castle, a first class hotel in Cologne. Vendome received the three stars in 2005 and since then Wissler has enchanted his guests with his magnificent (again) French cuisine. 

And to end, it is worth mentioning two television German Chefs that accompany us every day. I love them for their sense of humor and creativity in their recipes. 

Johann Lafer is not actually German, he was born in Austria but he has made most of his professional career as a television chef in Germany, so he counts for this list. Lafer is a usual suspect, like Schuhbeck, in the TV program “Lanz kocht” und together with the chef Horsch Lichter (the man with the funny mustache), they both make me laugh so much, that it seems like I am watching a comedy instead of a cooking show.

I do not think that Lafer and Lichter have been awarded with any Michelin star, but these two cooks/showmen are watched everyday by millions of Germans and their books are sold all over the country, so Michelin star or not, they have a say when it comes to cooking in Germany.

Do you know of any other top restaurants/chefs in Germany?

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