My German Restaurants in Munich

Wirtshaus in der Au - is the place to go for a homemade mini Leberkäse mit Brezeln or a tasting of Knödel (a giant potato or bread dumpling).

Tattenbach - in Lehel Tattenbach is a small German restaurant where they make the largest Wiener Schnitzel that I have ever seen! The Spargelteller (Asparagus) are also worth a visit.

Isarthor Gasthaus -  there are many many Gasthäuser in Munich, but Isarthor is probably one of the most authentic. The food is traditional, simple but the charm comes on Saturday evening when a small band plays traditional Bavarian music and tells jokes between songs. Amazing experience!

Gaststätte Georgenhof - in Schwabing is probably my favorite in Munich. They have the best Brotzeit in the whole world and it's so big that you won't be able to finish it by yourself.

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