Greek, East and Persian cuisine in Munich

Kreta Grill Taverna - There are many Greek restaurants in Munich but this is the real thing. The food is simple but superb. In the kitchen just a couple of Greek emigrants cooking lunch and dinner for a small (and loyal) clientėle. You will come back!

Pars Restaurant - Dizi is the traditional Persian stew of meat, vegetables (potatoes, tomatos, onions) and legumes (chick peas and beans), hot served in what it seems a termo mug to keep the stew warm, accompanied by a sort of metallic pestle masher and a flat bread... do you want to know more? Then make sure you visit during the winter season, in summer they serve other traditional Iranian dishes.


Sababa - offers tasty food specialties from the East. Their snack bar (Imbiss) offers all type of yummy and tasty food specialties from the East - including falafel, tabuleh, shwarma, hummus, Arabic pizza and more -.

Blue Nile - serves traditional Ethiopian food. Book a table in advance and enjoy the honey wine and African dishes. Eat with your bare hands just using pieces of the flat bread to pick up bites of the typical lamb stew or kifto (raw beef), while you taste the Tej (Ethiopian honey wine). 

The service is slow... very slow... very slow...They also have a location in Viktor-Scheffel-Straße 22 (Hohenzollernplatz) and here they service is slower...

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