Fish, Meat, Like in Italy in Munich

Fisch Poseidon at Viktualienmarkt is my favorite fishmonger in Munich but they also have a short lunch menu that include home marinated salmon, oysters, fish soup, bouillabaisse, grilled prawn, their home dish (fish plate) and finally pasta with seafood which is a dish that reminds me to Jamie Oliver and his delicious Spaghetti Vongole.(approx. 20-30€)

At the heart of the Viktualienmarkt Fisch- Witte is another place in Munich for fisch. "If it swims we have it" says their slogan. It is not cheap and not easy to find a table, so go early to secure your seat or book in advance. Their wine-list is good but expensive.  
You can also buy fish at their front stand to cook it at home, although again they are expensive.

Like in Italia

  • Bar Centraletwo minute walk from HofbrÀuhaus is a medium-size Italian style cafe, where the coffee and the wine are the way they should be... so ... Italian. They also have an interesting breakfast and lunch menu.
  • L´Osteria @ Lenbachplatz is not only a place where they serve you food anytime of the day (there you can have an early lunch @12pm or a latino lunch @3pm, same with dinner). The menu is nothing special but it is worth what you pay for. Just remember: you need at least two people to eat one of their pizzas and if you as many others are unable to finish it... ask for a take-home container!
  • Nero has been one of my favorite Italian in Munich for a long time. Their wine list is very good, their pizzas might not be as large as the ones in L´Osteria but they are delicious. The Antipasti for two is another good option, or in the evenings they turn on the grill and you can order steaks.
  • Ocui [open cuisine] just a few minutes away from Sendlinger Tor, is a fast food restaurant with unique style. Choose from the menu (Italian or Asian cuisine), then order your choice at the stand and enjoy the view of how they fresh cook it before your eyes.

Meat and burgers

  • Theresa Restaurant Enjoy the delicious meat of the cows from Vasque Country together with superb red wines... and to help with digestion they have a bowling alley on the basement!
  • Belicuous is a place where burgers are delicious, simple as that. Best thing about this burger place? You can choose the type of bread, meat, ingredients and side dish. Basically you can create your own burger and it will be served to you raw, well done or medium to you with a smile (the service is very good). 

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