Asian restaurants in Munich

Chi Wan - is a popular place for the Chinese locals in Munich. They offer daily fresh homemade Hong Kong Dim Sum and a very extensive food menu (and buffet on the weekends) with the majority of the Chinese specialties. We were taken there by a friend from Shanghai and aside from the chicken feet (that I find disgusting) the rest of the "tapas-style" mini plates of different specialties were delicious!

Mitani and Wasabi - were recommended to me by two Japanese expats as the most authentic Japanese restaurants in Munich. They are so good...

Sushi Sano - is a tiny Japanese snack bar within five minute walk from the Deutsches Museum where my girlfriends usually take me for a quick hang-out week-night dinner. We sit at the bar, we order and we enjoy the misso

Imbiss Shoya at the Viktualienmarkt is a small restaurant that I like a lot. It is run by a young Japanese couple: he cooks and she serves the tables. Their lunch menu is affordable but if you order a la carte, then the price goes surprisingly up.

Garuda is apparently run by the Manoppo family. The decoration seems a bit too baroque for me but the food is worth it. Garuda is the symbol of royal highness in Indonesia and the national symbol of the King of Thailand. This place was recommended to me by a local Indonesian that has been living in Munich for a while, so I guess this is not the only one restaurant that he tried, but the one that he recommends. 

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