January 25, 2013

Roof avalanches, archaeological findings and Rocky Horror Picture Show

Today I bring you three unusual pieces of information about Munich:
  • Vorsicht Dachlawine: you need to know this if you are in Munich in winter. It could save your life... (or at least it could save you from getting your hair wet;)
  • Archaeological findings: it answers a longstanding question about some excavation works in Munich and
  • Munich in the Guinness Book of Records: it will blow up your mind...
Snowplow @ Viktualianmarkt
Let's start:

VORSICHT DACHLAWINEWhen it start snowing (and it does snow here in Munich), it is gorgeous. The whole city changes (for good): my balcony has 10cm of snow and it looks beautiful; the city center looks like a photoshopped Christmas card; the air is fresh, it smells like winter and that first gust of cold snow air in the morning, it has to be the best health therapy ever!

The River Isar, snow banks and bridge
But as everything in life, it has a dark side: snow can also be dangerous and I am not only referring to the fact that you need anti-slip shoes (bye-bye nice shoes!) to go everywhere: I am referring to the danger of roof snow avalanches. 

Bye bye nice and beautiful shoes, hello awful anti-slip snow boots
Snow and travel disruptions last week in Munich
During snow time, the airports and the city traffic are often affected and it is always very useful to get updates on the situation before driving the car that day to the office,  or taking a taxi/ the metro to the airport or even to learn if your flight has been canceled/delayed out of/to Munich. 

But for you, aside from the above, as a new resident of the city of Munich, you need to be aware of the common notices that alert of "Vorsicht Dachlawine/Achtung Dachlawine" which means: be careful/be aware of snow roof avalanches. In addition, they usually set wooden poles leaning against buildings to keep you from walking too close to them, where there is a risk of snow roof avalanches. 

Vorsicht Dachlawine
If you search online, you are going to find drama... there are people who have actually day from accidents with Dachlawine, but please do not panic... I guess there were exceptions. Just wear a snow hat so you do not get your head wet and follow the notices, if they say "Dachlawine", just do not walk to close to the buildings... common sense people...

ARCHAEOLOGICAL FINDINGS: I moved to Munich mid 2011, when there were already excavation works on Marianhof (square behind Marienplatz).
Marienhof in January 2013
Since the MVV (the Munich public transport city service) found some traces (while doing works to extend one of its lines) that could be of archaeological interest, the city of Munich has being digging in Marienhof, until they finally found some still-to-be-dated clay vessels, broken ceramic fragments from the 11th century and other findings.

I have read that the findings are awaiting inside 200 boxes for the MVV and the Munich city to agree on the issue about the legal property of the fragments: is it the MVV who found them? or is it the city who digged in and actually extracted them? Until this question is cleared, no further analysis will be conducted, so we will not know (anytime soon) about the archaeological relevance of the excavation.

By January 2013 they had already closed the hole and sealed the excavation. And therefore today Marienhof (that means "Maria's patio" and until 1945 was the center of the life in Munich) looks again like a very cute and quiet square at the heart of the city center. Apparently, once the snow is gone for good, the city has green plans for the place, so we will see...

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: After a year and a half living in Munich and I did not know, that there is a cinema in the city that appears in the Guinness Book of Records!!! And why is that? and which one is it?

It is none other than the Museum Lichtspiele in Haidhausen, one very popular theatre amongst the international community in Munich because the program is usually in OV.  

The reason why this cinema is listed in the Guinness Book of Records is because it has been running The Rocky Horror Show longer than any other cinema on the planet.

Museum Lichtspiele and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Every Friday and Saturday @ 23.15pm you can see the OV of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Museum Lichtspiele Munich and it has been over 30 years since the first session!!! You can read some articles that claim that people actually dressed up for the movie, so I hope they do when I go there next week!:)

And this is all, enjoy the weekend and as always if you know of odd/funny facts about Munich, please let me know.

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