October 16, 2012

The Grocery list - Die Einkaufsliste 2/2

***Hidden places to buy local food stuff *** Vegemite and Marmite*** Food stuff from Australia, UK, Turkey, Asia, Russia***Buying fish in Munich*** Special Wine from Spain and France***

Thank you all for your emails regarding the entry “the Grocery List- The Einkaufstliste”.

The second part of this entry would not have been able without your emails and suggestions. Thank you for reading.

Below I am listing some places that are now in my shopping list (thanks to you guys!) and that sell food stuff from all around the world. Ready?

Antojos Latinos in Hofmannstrasse, 13.
Viva Latino American food and its entire wonderful foodstuff brand: Antojos Latinos has a wide range of imported “hard-to-find” food stuff range from South America.

The Pomeroy & Winterbottom in Reichenbachstraße 38 (two minute walk from Gärtner Platz) is a small store that apart from Marmite and Vegemite, sells some of the UK usuals at a price of course.  

Australian Shop: apparently there used to be one in Munich in Dachauer Strasse but they are closed now. Good news are that there is an Aussie online shop based out of Frankfurt that sells all the goodies you are missing.

The big Edekas also sell Marmite (no Vegemite I am afraid). 

Turkey in Munich: there are many Turkish grocery stores in Schwabing but my favorite and the authentic ones are in Landwehrstrasse and a few in Schwantalerstrasse (two minutes walk from Stachus). The Verdi supermarket is my favorite. 

They have amazing fresh groceries outside, a huge meat section and a small fish one in the inside. They make their own bread, which I love. 

Asia in Munich: I have been taken to many stores in Munich that sell Asian food stuff. And after trying them all, I still prefer the two ones that are in Rosenheimer Strasse, between Gasteig and Rosenheimer Platz. The Orientshop and the small local one that is just across the street are my recommendations.

Russia in Munich: My friend from Samara took me to Odessa a few months ago. Odessa is located in Karlsplatz, 4. However, my Russian friend says that this is not the authentic thing. Prima is. Prima is located outside Munich but I am unable to find an official website aside from this.

Are you a fish lover like I am? Then visit Poseidon or Fish Witte in Viktualienmarkt.

I was not aware of Spar when I wrote the first part of The Grocery List- the Einkaufslite. I am now. Apparently they partner Edeka here in Germany. I have been surprised by their range given the small space they have. They stock stuff that I do not usually see in the German markets.

I was also not familiar with the concept of Getränkemärkte in Munich when I wrote the first part of the Grocery List- The Einkaufsliste. This is a supermarket just for drinks (non- and alcoholic). Apparently there are advantages of shopping there for bottled water, the soft drinks, the beer or the strong stuff. The prices are slightly lower than usual and the range is wider.

Wine.  K. and I usually order our wine online and it is delivered straight from the Spanish winery to us in Munich. But another good option if you are really into wine is: Wein + Vinos are a good option for you. They are probably the largest online wine seller in the country (for fine and selected wine). They started in Berlin in 1996 and grew across the country. Today Wein & Vinos has stores in many cities in Germany and one is Munich in Wörthstraße 36. 

And this is all. Again thank you guys for your tips. The second part of the “Grocery List- Die Einkaufliste 2/2” would have not been able without you.

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Munich marathon

Sunday was the marathon day in Munich.

I had forgotten but the fences and volunteers filling glasses along the street reminded me.

It started at 10am and ran through the city (Olympia Park, Rathaus, Frauenstrasse, Isartor, Odenonsplazt, etc.) with music and small events in different parts around the route all ready to cheer up the runners and the audience. With 42 kilometers and more than 7000 runners the Munich marathon is one of the five largest marathons in Germany together with Berlin and Frankfurt. 

Munich must also be admired for the organization, security and display of volunteers informing drivers and pedestrian of alternative routes. The runners made to the finishing line eventually (unfortunately I could not be there to see it) but the official site of the marathon was reporting in almost live time. The fastest man needed 2 hours and 19 minutes and the fastest woman 2 hours 32 minutes. “Respekt”.

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