August 8, 2012

Munich: Going to the movies in English

On Sunday we finally went to the new Batman movie… in English. The 8pm session at the Mathäser in OV and the one in Museum Lichtspiele were already sold out, so we went to Cinema München. These are the three movie theatres you should keep in mind when looking for cinemas in English in Munich. 

For those of you who are a cinema´s lover: there are over 30 movie theaters in Munich (suburbs + city). They tend to be middle to small-sized theatres: some with a better sound quality than others; some with more comfortable chairs than others… but this is matter of likes and dislikes and you need to experience them to develop your own opinion. 

Most of the cinemas in Munich show the films dubbed in German, as it could be expected, but there is also a number of theatres with sessions in original version (in English) with/without German subtitles; or in original version (in German or any other language) with English or French subtitles.

The tickets can go from approx. 10€ to approx. 5.50€ on “Kino Tag”. In some theatres there is also a special price for sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; or a discount if you have a student card from your University or language school. 

Also be aware that if you purchase your tickets online, they usually charge you with an extra of approx. 0.50€ per person as pre-sale and seat pre-booking. 


The official site of the city of Munich lists every single cinema in town and the current program with details on whether the film is in English with/without subtitles; in German with/without subtitles or in other language with/without subtitles. They even have an application for iPhone or iPad that I have just installed and I will be testing this week.

The Local has a cinema guide with listing of all the movies in English in Germany. 

The largest website in Germany for cinema is Kino and it is my favorite. Although you have to go down through the whole list to find the ones labeled with OV or OMU.


Mathäser in Stachus has 14 screens. The films tend to be dubbed in German but for the major box office hits (you know: the Harry Potters, the James Bond, the Batmans, etc.) they always find a time... The chairs, the quality sound, the 3D thing is the best… 

Museum Lichtspiele in Haidhausen is located within two minute walk from the cultural center of Gasteig and the Deutsches Museum. It is a very small and cosy theatre with something like 30 seats per screen. As far as I know it offers 99% of its program in English or with subtitles. The cinema is also popular because of their children program and sessions that are very suitable for families with kids.

Cinema München in Nymphenburger Strasse is the most popular movie theatre for English-movies in Munich.  I saw Batman there on Sunday. 


Neues Arena in Hans-Sachs Strasse has two small-sized screens and usually offers a very interesting program that includes films from UK, US and Canada with subtitles in German. It is located within five minute walk from Gärtnerplatz. 

Atelier (City Kinos) has a cinema with capacity for 204pax and then a smaller one for 84pax, whose program is usually approx. 40% in OV with subtitles. It is located in Sonnenstrasse, so within a walking distance from Stachus.

Monopol in Schwabing West (Hohenzollernplatz) has set Tuesdays as the day to show some of their films in English (at least in August 2012). But in general its program usually includes films that are shown in OV with/without subtitles anytime of the week. “Kino Tag” here is on Thursday when the ticket costs 6€.

And this is all from me about movies in English in Munich. I will be in London next week, so you will hear not much from me then, but in the meantime, let me know if you know of any other cinemas I should be mentioning here or sites that compile a list of English movies in Munich.
And as always for comments, just drop me a line.

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