August 5, 2012

Traditional open-air market for kitchen cookware: Auer Dult

The Auer Dult is a traditional street market and open-air shopping fair that takes place three times every year at the main entrance of the Mariahilf Church. It is located in the Au district of Munich which is 15 minutes from Gaertner Plazt, five once you've crossed the Cornelius bridge. (Check the dates at their site).

The official website claims that the Auer Dult is Europe´s largest market for pots, pans and tableware and they may be right because you can find everything there and I mean everything in every color/design/size, first or second hand, in every material and at any price (from super expensive stuff to junk dealers). There is also a small fun fair area, some attractions for teens and some for kids (and yes, they have ponies).

The food stands have outdoor areas where you can enjoy their sweets and cakes with a coffee, the traditional sausages with a bier or even grilled fish on a stick. 

I was there on Sunday and it was crowded. The stands with live demos on a new knife set, a “wonderful” casserole and a “magic” food grater were the three most popular ones and were bursting with public. It was fun to watch for a while but if I had to do it again, I wouldn't go on a Sunday.

I leave you a few pictures so you can get the idea, but as always, I suggest you visit it to get the “real feeling”.

If you know of other street markets or similar open-air shopping events in Munich, please drop me a line, I would love to visit them.

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