February 21, 2012

Pancake day, Mardi Gras and Fasching Dienstag: it´s carnaval time!

What happens today on a regular Tuesday 21st of February that …
  • people get all dress up in costumes from 11am and head to the Viktualienmarkt? 
  • the stores and supermarket close their alcohol section and do not sell booze until 6pm but you can buy beer and cocktails at the street stalls? 
  • the Viktualienmarkt becomes a party zone with a stage in front of Nordsee and there are dance performances and presenters? 
  • the Altstadt is invaded by police officers and some streets are closed to cars? 
****It is the opening of the carnival season in Munich: Fasching Dienstag (Carnival Tuesday)**** ...and it takes places @ Viktualienmark, although the flow of people is such that they also take some streets close to GĂ€rtnerplazt and Marienplatz.

It was announced to start at 11am, so I headed early but it seems like 45 min in advance was not enough early... When I got there, the market was already bursting and it was almost impossible to get close to the stage, where later on, there was a show called “Der Tanz der Markfrauen” (the dance of the market women), where performers and presenters dressed in funny and silly costumes make a comedy dance.

Instead of standing in the crowd with no chance to see what was going on on the stage (the Germans are definitely taller than me), I walked around and took some shots of the party vibes and positive energy. The street stalls were not only selling drinks but all types of sandwiches and small bites, some of them even had barbecues.

The majority were groups of students but there were also some middle age couples. On Fasching Dienstag it is common to get the afternoon off from work, so more people were expected join the party after lunch.

I leave you today with my best shots of the Fasching party @Viktualienmarkt.

I hope you enjoy them: happy carnival!:-)