February 2, 2012

It is culture time!

Now it is time not only to enjoy the shopping and night life but also to start discovering the culture of the city. So let´s have a look at the most relevant museums in Munich.

I have checked the official site for the city of Munich but I think there are more that the highlights they propose, so in the following list I have included suggestions from other sites like Tripadvisor and Best-of-Munich and of course, tips from my local friends!:-)

For the classic and modern art lovers: there are the following options: 

For geeks and science fans: 

For the Indiana Joneses or history lovers: 

For the nature and outdoor activities lovers: 

And finally: the odd and unexpected Museums: 

This is a very long must-see list, so I guess I should start planning when and which ones I am going to visit first. Which one do you recommend me to start with?

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