October 16, 2012

Munich marathon

Sunday was the marathon day in Munich.

I had forgotten but the fences and volunteers filling glasses along the street reminded me.

It started at 10am and ran through the city (Olympia Park, Rathaus, Frauenstrasse, Isartor, Odenonsplazt, etc.) with music and small events in different parts around the route all ready to cheer up the runners and the audience. With 42 kilometers and more than 7000 runners the Munich marathon is one of the five largest marathons in Germany together with Berlin and Frankfurt. 

Munich must also be admired for the organization, security and display of volunteers informing drivers and pedestrian of alternative routes. The runners made to the finishing line eventually (unfortunately I could not be there to see it) but the official site of the marathon was reporting in almost live time. The fastest man needed 2 hours and 19 minutes and the fastest woman 2 hours 32 minutes. “Respekt”.

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