December 15, 2011

How to get a haircut

A few months ago I posted the following in Facebook: 

German challenge num.1 of a Spaniard in Munich: "HOW TO GET A HAIRCUT"

  • Locate the hairdresser´s; 
  • Communicate what you want: I want "waschen und schneiden"; 
  • Move your hands like scissors to show how he/she should cut your hair; 
  • Respond with "Ja" to unknown questions like: "Pflege?, fönen oder legen?"; 
  • Pray for a good end result. 
After that, all my facebook´s friends had a laugh and very few of them trusted me or my German skills to suceed in the operation, given that they requested the after-photos.

And the truth must be said, being new in a city can make of regular activities real challenges.

In this occasion, I was successful in the operation and all thanks to a detailed preliminary research.

I identified, googled and site-visited six hairdressers´ (yes, I have a lot free time these days...), all located within 5 to 15 min from my place in the city center. And the winner was:

Friseur Avesta in Schwanthalerstrasse, 19.

It is possible to pop in without a previous appointment; the staff is friendly, professional and they speak some English and above all, the price-quality relationship is superb (in comparison with some of the other "Friseurs" in the city, that charge insane prices - like 56EUR - for a men´s haircut!!!).

It has been a long time since I wrote this blog entry and since my first visit to a Hairdressing salon here in Munich. In this time, I have come to know and try many other hairdressers in the city until I have finally found the one that suits me better and that I recommend although it is not cheap:

Salon VITA in Thomas Wimmer-Ring, 1A (in Isartor, once on the street, walking north, they are in the first turning on the right after the num.1). It is small salon run by two beautiful and friendly Russian hairdressers. You need to make an appointment because they are always very busy, which for me it is a very good sign. Prices are reasonable and the service is outstanding.

Also I would like to mention here, for those of you looking for a more economical option: the L'Oréal Academy in Munich. They are located in Herzogspitalstraße 5, so Altstadt and according to the person who recommended it to me, they staff are not beginners but senior students that are at the end of their training before taking whatever is the official exam they have to take to be certified. She got a haircut and highlights and she looked ver very nice afterwards. 

If you try it, just let me know... I am curious to hear more opinions about this place.

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